Ліцензійне видання: «La dernière volonté»



Ivan Ivak, a Ukrainian Soviet writer with a dark past, has written many books, which no one reads. And his wife, and children, especially son Valery, treated his works with the deserved contempt, though they lived in the Soviet Union on his royalties very well.

The soviet times have gone. A completely different life has started, in particular literature life. Ivan Ivak is seriously ill, asphyxia attacks torment him, but he will not be able to die until he writes an honest autobiography. And, although a Soviet writer, and moreover the former NKVD employee it is not very easy to write such one, he still has managed to do it. Ivak has honestly according to his capacities remembered different people from his past, whose role, positive or negative, was decisive on his life path. He died the last year before the Internet era, having created probably the last manuscript novel in the literature of the twentieth century.

The manuscript disappeared for several years. Apparently it was not yet the time to read it. But after a dozen and a half years, in the day of the developed Internet and social networks, Valerii Ivak, the son of the writer, was returned the notebook with a puppy on the cover. The first story by Ivan Ivak, written on the verge of the 40's and 50's, was called “Puppy”. It is in this story the writer-beginner allegorically tried to share his terrible experience as the death penalties executioner in the cellars of the NKVD. Did he write, or at least tried to write honest works? Or did he err, tempted by the generous rewards for the mindless ideologically correct scribbling?

“Last Desire” was read first by the son, and then by the daughter of the writer. Children compare their personal memories with the memories of his father.

Is it necessary and is it possible to solve all the mysteries of the past? At least, it is worth striving for. Because only conscious knowledge gives the freedom without which no birth of a conscious person of future, who is the owner of his own fate under any circumstances, is possible.